Wedding Cinematography VS Videography - What has been changed till now?

Wedding cinematographyGone are the days when the whole family gets united and sit for hours or so to watch the whole video of one's wedding. The scenario has been changed now and it's now a get-together on WhatsApp group or any other social media platform. Let's discuss these old and new times.

Creativity comes up when you want to maintain a standard in your work an this made cinematography in wedding videos a must. For instance, despite watching the seven circles as it is, it would be good to see what's happening around from different angles and cherish the moments more. The former one was good in old times however latter is not only the trend but the need.

Paper Card vs e-card vs video invites

credit: The Bridal Box

We see three stages of inviting the guests. First one is the paper card you hand-over to the concerned person. Second is the image of the card sent to the people one cannot reach or meet physically. Then, comes the third one which is actually the replacement of paper cards. Here either it would be an image of the bride and groom with an appealing poster and information about the wedding or it would be a short video with information.

Pre-wedding shoot

pre wedding shoot

This cinematic shoot has been the current trend of weddings. Either it is the image or the video and is often 2-5min. Another way round of pre-wed shoot is it is shortened and edited as an invitation e-cards and is shown on a big screen during the ceremony.

The Big-Day

The video is more like a Bollywood movie where every shot has an emotion and is perfectly shot. By saying editing it is not the previous way of just putting more lights. Technical equations and creativity have made it's space more in a wedding industry. Even some videos were only the slides of images which have been photoshopped way beyond it should be.

These are some of the major difference that we see nowadays but the impact is huge. In case of the budget, one can get the services in different packages and are usually budget friendly. Shoot starts from the day wedding get planned and end till reception. Those appealing images of bride and bridesmaid that are going viral nowadays are actually must to have in your wedding album. These cherished moments will be with you forever with the perfect emotions. Every time you see the album you can remember the gossip around, the ambience and everything that was going through. Cinema is like a dream and so is the wedding.