Shooting is in progress for Indira IVF – how we do it?

About the day-schedule - 

Started with a plan of action which goes wrong sometimes however we got everything on time and as per the schedule. Indira IVF, a leading health brand is currently making an awareness program about infertility and when we got to know about it, we were there with our plan of action. It was accepted with much appreciation and here we are ready with the scripts and shooting with IVF specialists. We have doctors from Lucknow, Mumbai and Delhi and it took a whole day to complete the shoot. The commercials would be presented on leading channels at different slots. Soon we have more to come so that people are aware of the program and take advantage.

About our planning - 

Our media planning are in such way that we do not leave any prediction untouched. If we have analysed it would work, we make it work through our research, plan of action and execution. Mr LD Sharma is an experienced individual who knows how to infuse a single thought into the minds of individuals of different gender, age and viewpoints. Now that we have completed the shoot, our editing team has tightened up themselves to complete the video so that the commercials start gets broadcasting tomorrow i.e. 6th March on leading channels.

About the objective - 

Though infertility or in vitro fertilization is a very sensitive topic in the society and we see couples tend to not discuss much with the family and friends. This land to the scenario where most of the doors remain closed because you haven’t knocked it. For all those people this program is very much important so that we stand up and speak for ourselves, speak about our insecurities and do not feel complex about it. We initiate the idea of consulting with the doctors and also IVF success rates have been the pillar for this solution.