Why product shoot is important?

Why is product shoot important?, product photography, mayhigh films
While scrolling through different e-commerce sites for shopping, you might have seen the difference in the photos, visuals and appeal of the same product. Some may look more tempting than others. This all is a magic of product photography.

We would be looking on both perspectives of audience and business because some way or the other, affect is the same.

1.) Conversion rates

Perfect image would be clear that have a feature to zoom and at least three photos of different angles. Nowadays, we see there are videos of models as well to showcase the product. This is another feature recently adding icing on the cake. If the product appeals to my eye, if the product image has features discussed above, I would be more willing to buy.

Product photography, before and after images, why product photography is important

2.) Spend more time

Let’s compare it with the offline features. When we go to the store physically, we can see the product and feel it and there would be a salesman as well emphasizing more on positive features. So, we tend to spend time and listen to all the features. Likewise, when we are online, we should have the same options so that we can spend more time. For instance, specifications and features shown on images, then there could be size chart as well. This way product does not look vague and please the customer.

3.) Creates brand

People tend to look at your product and decide the standard of your brand and then the question comes – is the price worth? Even if your products have the quality and it does not attract the buyers, it might not have a presentable page online. Product photography gives value to one’s work and completely complements the hard work that a business is doing.

4.) Depicts emotions

Whether it is a product image with white background or a lifestyle photo with/without a model, a business can convey the emotions of the product very well through professional photography. For instance, if a business is selling wedding collection, there are different styles of showcasing it like in below pictures. All of which looks attractive and appealing.

This is all about product photography importance one can look for. Other than this-

Types of product photography – basic with white background and lifestyle images with/without model

Budget constraints – lowest budget starts with a product shoot having a white background and with at least three photos of different angles. It moves up as per different features involved in a number of photos needed, different backgrounds, new graphics required (copyright images), and models etc.

This way a business can vary their product photography like clothing lines and a shampoo. Later one needs more emphasis only on product and former one has different factors involved.

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